Liposuction Specials in Austin

Body by Beleza is offering Liposuction specials until the end of the year.  Book a Smartlipo liposuction procedure by December 31st 2012 and receive each area at $999.  This will save you thousands of dollars off our regular prices.  Lawrence Broder MD has performed liposuction on more than 800 patients.  He is an expert and more importantly, an artist that can sculpt your body.  Performed under local anesthesia, smartlipo is safe and effective.  The heat from the laser liposuction will melt fat and tighten skin.  You are back on your feet immediately and recovery is fast.  See more about this revolutionary procedure at Smartlipo Beleza and Liposuction BelezaImage

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Liposuction Cost Austin

Liposuction Cost Austin

What is the cost of Liposuction in Austin TX?

At Beleza Medspa we liposuction cost is determined by the area of the body involved.   An area of the body is defined by what can be covered by two hands.  So liposuction for the lower abdomen would be one area, the upper abdomen another and the love handles, a third.  So an entire abdomen would be three areas.  Other  liposuction areas include both arms, outer thighs, inner thighs, bra rolls, flanks and chin/neck.

Why are Some Other Practices offering Cheaper per Area Pricing?

Make sure you are not comparing apples to oranges.  They could be counting the lower abdomen as two areas so your liposuction cost would be actually higher than our one area lower abdomen.  Always ask for the definition of an area before committing to anything.

What does the Price for Liposuction include?

The cost of Liposuction at Beleza Medspa includes your preoperative physical and lab work, the actual procedure and anesthesia, your compression garment, all follow-up visits, and a postoperative lymphatic massage.  Be careful of other practices that charge you separately for anesthesia, facility fees, compression garments, etc.  These extra fees can exceed the cost of liposuction itself!

What happens if I cannot afford the cost of liposuction Austin now?

We partner with many medical financing companies to offer you no-interest financing.  Depending on your credit, we can usually obtain financing for the full cost of the procedure.  But remember to make your payments on time or risk losing the no-interest benefit.  Some of our parteners include CareCredit and MyMedicalLoan.  We can help you with the application or you can apply prior to your visit.

Is the Liposuction cost a good investment?

Anything that makes you feel good and restores your confidence is a good investment in yourself.  As long as you lose weight or maintain your weight, the liposuction results will last a lifetime.  Many patients use liposuction as a springboard to further weight loss and physical fitness goals.  We have many patients whose lives were changed both professionally and personally by their lipsuction procedure.

Can you match competitors quotes for liposuction?

If your bring your written quote to your consultation, we will review it and try to match the liposuction cost it if it is similar to our criteria for areas and included extras.

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Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction Recovery at Beleza Medspa Austin

How does tumescent anesthesia help recovery?

The advantage of tumescent liposuction is the liposuction recovery time.  Tumescent means ‘firm’ and consists of swelling the fat layer with a saline solution containing lidocaine.  By expanding the fat layer with fluid, we give ourselves space to work.  The fluid also helps to remove the fat which is solid.   The tumescent anesthesia also separates the nerves and blood vessels away from the fat so they do not become injured during the procedure.    As a result, the tumescent anesthesia is much gentler on your body and speeds liposuction recovery.

The use of local anesthesia has many other  advantages over general anesthesia including:

1.  Its is much safer as general anesthesia is riskier than the liposuction procedure itself.

2.  The tumescent anesthesia only numbs the skin and fat layer.  Everything deeper like muscle, nerves, blood vessels and organs still have sensation.  As a result we cannot accidentally touch these vital structures without you stopping the procedure!

3.   After the procedure you will be right back on your feet immediately and go home numb.  The anesthesia will most like wear off that evening.  There is no long recovery nor bedrest needed and this avoids common postoperative complications like blood clots, etc.

How much time is usually enough for liposuction recovery?

In general, most patients liposuction recovery is rather quick.  You will be back on your feet immediately after the procedure and able to resume most normal activities.   The anesthesia will wear off gradually that evening and supplemental pain medication may be necessary.  Many patients get by with Tylenol alone but you will be provided with stronger pain medications.  The soreness subsides after several days and it is rare for a patient to ask for more pain medication.  You will be wearing a compression garment for several weeks after the procedure to deal with swelling.  For about 2 days postoperatively, you will be draining from the small incisions.  This drainage actually speeds your liposuction recovery as absorbing the anesthesia and melted fat would prolong your recovery.  So besides some soreness and swelling to limit you, it is safe to return to normal activities rather quickly.  Since their are no big incisions or stitches, there is no fear of hurting anything with too much exertion.  A long weekend of 3-4 days is the time off most patients take.  Of course everybody is different and other factors like number of areas, pain tolerance, your occupation, etc. should be taken into account when deciding on your liposuction recovery time.

Does liposuction recovery depend on the body area treated?

Liposuction recovery varies depending on how extensive the procedure (multiple sites, amount of fat, volume removed), patient pain tolerance and health, and surgical technique. In general, you will feel more than 50% recovered at one week and 80 to 90% recovered at two weeks in a moderate volume (1 to 3 liter) liposuction. Inner and  outer thighs tend to hurt more than abdomen and arms.  Back, flank and bra rolls tend be sore a little longer.  Liposuction recovery from chin is much quicker.

When can I expect my Liposuction Recovery to be complete?

The time after liposuction is a time for your body to heal and for your results to become evident.  In the areas we removed fat from, your body will fill the empty space with fluid which causes swelling.  You will required to wear a compression garment to keep this space closed and squeeze the fluid from the area.  We will also teach you to do massage to help reduce the swelling.  Physical activity will also aid your liposuction recovery.   Your body will begin to reorganize the fat that is left in the treated area.  The skin tightening from the laser liposuction will begin several weeks after the procedure and continue for months.   So it is about at the 3-4 week time period where we will know where you will settle down.  However, final liposuction recovery can take 3-6 months.

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Laser Liposuction Austin

Laser Liposuction at Beleza Medspa Austin TX.

What is Laser Liposuction?

Liposuction in any form involves removing fat from the body.  It used to be done only in the operating room under general anesthesia.  It involved using very large suction cannulas and results were variable.  In the 80s, liposuction under local anesthesia was developed.  It is now the preferred method  of liposuction using very small microcannulas.  It gives much better results with little to no downtime.   Around 2006, Smartlipo Laser Liposuction was invented.  This involved the insertion of a small laser fiber through the same incisions.  The heat generated by the laser caused skin tightening, melted fat and cauterized blood vessels.  We now have many different types of laser liposuction devices available.

So how is Laser Liposuction used?

Liposuction with a cannula is very effective to remove fat from anywhere on the body.  However it is not just about removing fat.  It is the condition of the fat layer that we leave that is more important.  This is very difficult to achieve, especially in areas with small amounts of fat.   Being too aggressive can leave unsightly grooves and dents.  Plus removing fat doesn’t do anything for the stretched out skin.  This is where laser liposuction comes in.  The heat generated by the laser liposuction helps to melt fat cells.  This fat can then be suctioned or allowed to drain out.  So the laser is perfect to melt fat in smaller areas and smooth out the fat in larger areas.   The heat generated by the laser also stimulates some immediate skin tightening and induces new collagen formation.   As a result, the overlying skin contracts to the new, smaller fat layer giving the perfect liposuction results we want!

How do I choose a laser liposuction procedure?

Smartlipo laser liposuction by Cynosure was the original laser on the market.  There are many competitors now like Slim Lipo, Cool Lipo, Pro Lipo, etc.  The only differences between these lasers involves the wavelength of light used and power.  Smartlipo MPX uses 1064 and 1320 wavelengths that have research to back their clinical effectiveness.  However, there are no studies to show the advantage of one laser over another.  Remember the effects of laser liposuction are due to heat delivery.  All of these lasers deliver heat to the fat and  skin.  It is the consensus among the liposuction community, that the laser is unimportant compared to the amount of heat delivered.  So it is the surgeon who is performing the procedure and his experience with laser liposuction that will give you the best results.

So what should I look for when choosing Laser Liposuction?

The main things to require for your  liposuction procedure include tumescent anesthesia, microcannula liposuction and laser liposuction.  These three components will give you the lowest risk of complications, the best results and fastest recovery.  Ask your surgeon specifically about each of these techniques and make sure he will be utilizing them.  Skipping any of them can effect your results and risk complications.

Is Laser Liposuction safe?

The effectiveness of the laser depends on heat delivery.  With the use of heat there is the risk of burns.  Many of the lasers now have temperature controls but this doesn’t replace the experience of the surgeon to prevent such complications.  Check your surgeon’s reviews, pictures, etc.  However, the incidence of burns from laser liposuction is very low and rare.

How fast will I see results from laser liposuction?

The heat generated from laser liposuction will cause some immediate skin tightening.  However with the swelling and loss of fat it will be hard to see for several days.   As the swelling subsides and skin tightens, you will begin seeing the smooth, smaller fat layer and tighter skin.  This is the fun part as you see more and more results everyday!  It usually takes 3-4 weeks to begin to see where you will settle down and 3-6 months for final results.

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How Long Does the Coolsculpting Procedure Last and How Many Treatments Are Needed?

One CoolSculpting treatment takes one hour per area treated.  One area is typically about the size of your hand. Therefore, each “love-handle” would be considered one area, and the lower abdomen is typically considered two areas.  You can treat more than one area at a single office visit, but only one area at a time.  To treat two areas takes just over two hours.  For many patients, a second treatment in the same area may be beneficial since CoolSculpting removes about 25% of the fat cells per treatment.  The fat cells that are targeted by the treatment are frozen and later absorbed by the body and are gone permanently.  Typical results take about 3-4 months to be fully realized, and therefore many patients schedule second treatments at that time. Results may vary from patient to patient, overall,nut the patient satisfaction rate with Coolsculpting Austin is very high!

Most of the patients being treated in our office range from having 1 to 3 treatments per area.  Each treatment should give you a reduction of 20-25% of the fat in that area so it really depends on how much improvement you need and what type of reduction you would like to achieve.  Overall, we have seen the best results when patients have had 2 treatments or more per area.  Each time the applicator is applied the treatment time for that application is 1 hour.

Beleza Medspa are experts at Coolsculpting in Austin.  We also offer complementary services like HCG medical weight loss, smartlipo laser liposuction, zerona laser fat reduction, venus freeze skin tightening and tummy tucks.  My staff and I can evaluate your body for the appropriate procedure and present you with a host of options.

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